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Making dice for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

By on September 18, 2012

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire uses customized dice to help create a more narrative experience for players. Very cool, but kinda hard to execute with a BETA game. We aren’t sure when final production will be done on the dice, so in the meantime, beta gamers will have to make due with a couple of options.

Edge of the Empire Sticker Sheet

First, there is a sticker sheet included in the Beta game book. You can combine this sticker sheet with spare dice to create a full set for Edge of the Empire. I’ve read many complains from users stating that the edges tend to peel on the dice after heavy uses. Recommendations have been made to use a clear sealant similar to that used on model cars and planes to help the dice last longer.

I opted to get a set of blank 25mm dice from My theory was that by purchasing bigger dice, perfect sticker placement would not be as much of an issue. The stickers lie on the face of the dice with plenty of room to spare. This should help them avoid peeling as quickly. I even think the white border looks pretty sharp. Here’s what the final product looked like after I added some clear varnish to further protect the stickers:

Edge of the Empire Beta Dice

So this is the premium option. Beta book sticker sheet and $25 worth of blank dice. Ouch! Kinda pricey. So that covers me, but what about my players?

Homemade Dice

I decided to try out a homebrew method for this. First, I hit up my Friendly Local Gaming Store. The store had a huge tub of dice. I spent about 15 minutes sifting through to find what I needed. I tried to get as close as possible to the sticker color, but with the cost only 5 dice for $1.50, I wasn’t going to be too picky. Here’s some of what I was able to dig out of the tub:

Plain Dice

I downloaded the FFG sticker sheet PDF file and printed it out on some full page sticky label sheets that I had laying around. A couple hours work in front of the TV with a hobby knife and I had a big ole pile of dice.

Homemade Dice Set

The results aren’t are pretty as my first batch, but these aren’t horrible. However, I certainly don’t want to go through that process again any time soon. I’m going to spray them with some clear varnish and roll the dice (I know, really bad pun) that they will hold up.

I ended up with 3 boost dice, 3 setback dice, 6 difficulty dice, 6 ability dice, 5 proficiency dice, 3 challenge dice and 3 force dice for around $12 plus  a lot of elbow grease.

Star Wars Dice AppStar Wars Dice App

One final option is to go with the Star Wars Dice app. I have this for my iPhone, and it is really well done. The app also has options to roll the standard d20 set of dice as well as X-Wing Miniatures game dice.

Lots to love here, but I just can’t help likely the feel of dice in my hands a bit more.

The Star Wars Dice app:

  • Includes a comprehensive dice roller that can be used to roll X-Wing custom dice, Star Wars RPG custom dice, or standard polyhedral dice in seven types
  • Features a “preset” option, allowing you to save your most commonly used configurations
  • Includes eight iconic Star Wars backgrounds and six distinct sound packs
  • Allows you to jump right in with an intuitive radial menu and interactive help guide

Get for iPhone

Get for Android


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